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    At Baseball-Picks.com, the game plan we have just developed is brand new to the industry. We have a tremendous network of contacts throughout the industry with all of the middle information needed to pick a large percentage of winners. We have access to key individuals involved in the sport and we can compile more information on any MLB game than any other sports services. We are constantly working the phones talking to the people who count.


    Making our selections is a science as opposed to other sports services who give you a myriad of games hoping some of them will stick to the wall. This is not the way it is done on a professional basis. Our information is very confidential and when we give you a game it will have a tremendous edge to win.

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    If you are a player that wants action everyday go some place else and burn your money.

    We do not and will not give you games unless we know
    that we have a terrific advantage.


    I was born in 1945 and have been working in the industry the last 30 years of my life. I have a solid education in business administration from the University of Kansas. I live and breathe this sport and take what I do very seriously. I will speak directly to you and tailor make a package to suit your needs. I value all of our clients and will do my absolute best for you and I ask you to join us today and prepare yourself for a new world of sports venturing.

    Sal Caruso


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